Top reads of 2020

Here are my top 6 reads of 2020, focusing on wellbeing, mental health and the environment!

What is wellbeing?

We usually thrive when our lives contain a range of different sources of wellbeing. Below is a simplistic diagram of these different sources, you will most likely be able to think of many more that are important to you! THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST! Missing sources of wellbeing: We don’t necessarily need ALL theseContinue reading “What is wellbeing?”


Verbally, pretty well everyone agrees; for both the general run of people and the refined say that it is happiness, and assume that living well and faring well are the same thing as being happy; but with regard to what happiness is they differ, and the general run do not give the same account asContinue reading “Quotes”


Hello there. I’ve started this blog to document my journey of becoming a psychological wellbeing practitioner, sharing my experiences and learnings so far. I’m hoping to share useful wellbeing tips that I pick up along the way, and provide insights into the journey to becoming a therapist. What will I be writing about? I amContinue reading “Welcome!”