What is wellbeing?

We usually thrive when our lives contain a range of different sources of wellbeing.

Below is a simplistic diagram of these different sources, you will most likely be able to think of many more that are important to you!


Missing sources of wellbeing:

  • We don’t necessarily need ALL these areas of our lives to be fulfilled, however if too many are missing for too long, it is not unusual to see a decrease in our wellbeing, which can lead to things such as anxiety and depression.
  • Depression can often be a result of what is MISSING in our lives. You may like to consider how far each of the above areas may be missing, or not as apparent in your life at the moment.

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  1. The diagram has captured the essence of wellbeing in a simple and effective manner.
    Procrastination persisted long enough also leads to a sense of hopelessness/depression. Procrastination simply means not knowing what ones values in Life are.

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