Black Lives Matter

This is such an important time to stand together in solidarity. I have personally been reflecting on my life, my views, my actions and my learnings over the last few weeks. I am committed to learning and unlearning in some cases, and to grow. To change and better myself. The current climate is important, it can be uncomfortable for some, but to educate ourselves about racism, is a privilege as it means we haven’t had to experience it ourselves. Use your voice. Sign those petitions and help to change this world.

During my postgraduate studies, I have learnt about how racism has infiltrated the field of mental health, psychology, psychiatry. Having completed an essay exploring how black and ethnic minority groups have higher drop out rates and poorer outcomes when undergoing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis. I had to step and ask myself – why? Why is this happening?

Compared to their white counterparts, black people:

  • Have a higher incidence rate of psychosis
  • Black African and Black Caribbean groups in particular have a higher risk of Schizophrenia
  • Have higher rates of being started with psychiatric drugs as a first line treatment compared to talking therapies
  • Are more likely to be detained under the mental health Act

Racism & Mental Health:

How does racism effect Mental Health?”

  • Research suggests that experiencing racism can be very stressful and have a negative effect on overall health and mental health.
  • Those exposed to racism may be more likely to experience mental health problems such as psychosis and depression.
  • One 2016 report on the youth justice system in England and Wales found over 40% of children are from BAME backgrounds, and more than one third have a diagnosed mental health problem.

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